About Us

At LSLC, we are committed to develop confident readers and cultivate their love for reading as early as possible. Reading has profound benefits to a child’s development. It provides a “stable source of information” throughout their life and allows them to engage with the world around them.


Learn. Lead. Love


Nurturing young minds to their fullest potential


Bringing fun and happiness in every child’s learning journey

We also believe that every child learns differently and they possess some level of intelligence no matter how young they might be. As suggested by psychologist Howard Gardner in his “Theory of Multiple Intelligence”, this multiple intelligence can be nurtured and enhanced based on each child’s style of learning.

Therefore, we affirm the importance of adopting a myriad of approaches in our lessons to ensure that each child’s learning style is recognized and supported. At LSLC, we adopt the VAKT learning techniques;

V – visual

A – auditory

K – kinaesthetic

T – tactile

To bring out their dominant intelligence and thus help create an impact in the way they learn and interact with the world around them.

Our Founder

The founder of LSLC is a fully Certified L2 English teacher accredited from ECDA (Early
Childhood Development Agency, Singapore). She has extensive teaching experience
with young children in preschools and enrichment centers.


Monash University with Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood

Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Diploma of Educational Studies specializing in Phonics and Early Literacy by the
College of Teachers, UK

Advanced Diploma in Special Needs and Inclusive Education [Jointly offered by SEED Institute and The College of Allied Educators, Singapore]