Our Programmes


Our programmes range from beginner to advance level for children age between 4 to 8 years old. The programmes cover all topics necessary for your child’s literacy needs.

Beginner (Levels 1-4)

• Recognise letters of the alphabet both in lower and uppercase including names
and sounds of each letter
• Develop print and book awareness eg understanding how texts are “supposed” to look and reading from left to right
• Decode simple texts by blending CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) sounds together
• Extend use of spoken vocabulary

Intermediate (Level 5-6)

• Recognise double consonant blend eg /spl/
• Recognise diagraph (two consonant letters representing one sound eg /ck/)
• Building fluency and automaticity
• Tell and retell stories confidently

Advance (Level 7)

• Identify and recognise vowel graphemes eg /ai/, /igh/
• Identify and recognise split vowel diagraphs eg /a-e/, /i-e/
• Use correct punctuations and capital letters
• Analyse story using basic comprehension strategies
• Reading fluently and confidently
• Create a story with simple sentences
• Learn syllable division rules for reading multi syllables words